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    Florida's Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson Votes to Extend Trump's NSA Spying Powers
    Bill Nelson has been representing Florida in Washington, D.C., since 1978. He was promoted from U.S. representative to senator in 2001. But he might lose a reelection bid this year to Florida's governor and ageless Lich-King, Rick Scott, unless the 75-year-old can make Florida voters feel some enthusiasm for the scarecrow-made-from-used-mulch that is Bill Nelson.

    Dining and Drinking Inside Versace's Miami Beach Mansion, Villa Casa Casuarina
    Last night, American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace premiered with a party held poolside at Miami Beach's Villa Casa Casuarina. The opulent property, still referred to by many as the Versace mansion or Villa Versace, plays a prominent role in the series. Filmmakers rented out the entire property for one month to film exterior and interior scene

    American Crime Story: Versace Is Pure Miami, Whether You Like It or Not
    To call Ryan Murphy?s American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace the culmination of a career of experience isn?t exaggeration. In a lengthy, operatic, and dialogue-light opening, the director and writer Tom Rob Smith (London Spy) take viewers to Miami Beach in the summer of 1997...

    Miami Makes the Shortlist for Amazon's New Headquarters
    Amazon has narrowed its list of cities for a second headquarters to 20, and amazingly, Miami is there along with New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Austin, and Atlanta.

    Miami-Dade Commissioner Says Lower Water-Quality Standards Put Floridians at Risk
    Environmentalists and health advocates say the proposed rule change would be devastating for Floridians, especially children and people who eat a lot of seafood. Yesterday, Miami-Dade's government operations committee unanimously voted in favor of having the county join a lawsuit challenging the proposed rule, which has not yet gone into effect.

    A Nashville Star Learns What Really Matters in the Too-Obvious Forever My Girl
    Where the movie occasionally locates some surprise and resonance is in the tiny exchanges, when Wolf allows her characters to breathe, free of the demands of a schematic narrative

    Don't Touch the Monkey! Florida Macaques Can Carry Killer Herpes
    Monkeys are running around Florida with a strain of herpes that can kill you. A recent study published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal shows that among the several hundred rhesus macaques living in Central and North Florida, about 30 percent of the monkeys sampled were infectious carriers of herpes B.

    What's in Your Weed? Touring Florida's Marijuana Testing Lab
    Medical marijuana is not at all like other prescribed drugs. It's a living, cultivated product. Whereas most pharmaceuticals are mass-produced according to recipes that result from chemical testing and engineering, cannabis is a crop. And just like tomatoes or soybeans, there's no real guarantee that one harvest will be the same as another.

    Empanada Harry's Bakery & Café Serves Fresh Empanadas in West Kendall
    Harry and Michelle Coleman have a simple mission for Empanada Harry's, which opened in April 2017: Offer gourmet versions of the Venezuelan pastries they've loved for years.

    Danay Suarez on the Latin Grammys and Her Whirlwind 2017
    "On that type of stage, the majority of artists, to work, they need to pay. That's a reality I'm not interested in obscuring because for me, my main objective in life is honesty... I didn't know things worked that way.

    Pro-Immigrant Protesters Shut Down Downtown Miami Streets Last Night to Save TPS
    Donald Trump's election in 2016 famously sparked mass protests all over the world, including Miami, a city previously known for lackadaisical activism and a population that doesn't enjoy taking to the streets if the weather is too hot, too cold, or just warm enough to go to the beach. The city's newfound protest spirit even prompted a few news pieces.

    PLS&TY on Topping the iTunes Charts and Feeling the "Good Vibes"
    Leas says his classical training affords him a more natural and smoother entrée into the world of bass, beats, and bounce.

    North Bay Village Top Administrators Abruptly Resign Following Extortion, Blackmail Claims
    North Bay Village has a hard-earned reputation for political shenanigans. The tiny city, comprising three man-made islands between Miami and Miami Beach, spent its early years as a meeting place for mobsters and other shady characters. Since then, it's been rocked by one sordid saga after another.

    Wabi Sabi by Shuji Opens on Miami's Upper Eastside
    It's been more than a year since Shuji Hiyakawa announced the opening of his first solo venture, Wabi Sabi.  The restaurant, which offers upscale fast-casual sushi bowls and a juice bar, has finally opened on NE 79th Street in Miami.

    "Intertidal" Exhibit Imagines Miami Beach's Flooded Future
    ArtCenter/South Florida was instrumental in Miami Beach?s history by helping to transform the city from a sleepy beach town for retirees into a thriving international hot spot. Following its move to a temporary space down the street on Lincoln Road and the appointment of a new president last year...

    Escobar's "Cocaine Cowboy" Mickey Munday Convicted for Smuggling Stolen Cars
    Apparently, living off his fame as an '80s Miami cocaine smuggler tied to Pablo Escobar's Medellín Cartel wasn't quite enough for Michael "Mickey" Munday. One of the Magic City's most colorful characters and a man who hosts film events and parties all over town, he was found guilty today of smuggling cars for an enormous auto-theft ring.

    Miami-Dade Police Director and Mayor Skip Liberty City Meeting on Gun Violence
    More than a 120 people gathered last night at the Greater Holy Cross Missionary Baptist Church on NW 93rd Terrace to solve the problem of gun violence in Miami's black neighborhoods. Neither Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez nor the county's police director, Juan Perez, attended.

    Miami's Five Best Cheesy Dishes
    January 20 is National Cheese Lover's Day, a time to unite and pay homage to fromage. Like any holiday, it should be spent in a gluttonous tizzy, noshing away on mountains of cheese. Miami restaurants have embraced our love of cheese by using it in everything from classic warm sandwiches to ice cream. Here are the five cheesiest dishes in the Magic City.

    Daniel Boulud Returns to the JW Marriott Marquis With Boulud Sud
    Chef Daniel Boulud's Mediterranean-themed Boulud Sud opened a week ago at the JW Marriott Marquis Miami with fare from some of the world's most beautiful places.

    Five Reasons the Miami Heat Can Make the NBA Finals This Year
    Now that football is over, many South Florida sports fans have begun giving their full attention to the Miami Heat. Sure, you've caught most of their games, but with the Hurricanes and Dolphins out of your life now, it only makes sense that your favorite professional basketball team would get some extra love.