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    Miami Film Festival 2018 Awards: A Sort of Family, La Familia, and Others
    The 35th Miami Film Festival announced its award winners before the closing-night screening of Holy Goalie at the Olympia Theater this past Saturday. A diverse group of films won, and the names of audience picks were shielded until the fest came to a close last night. After every audience vote was counted, The Last Suit won for best feature, and The Driver Is Red scored big for best short.

    Mental Ward Thriller Unsane Is So Tense, Our Critic Wanted to Flee Theater
    The film tells the story of a terrorized woman in a mental hospital who?s trying to convince the staff and patients that she shouldn?t be there and is being held against her will

    Brooklyn Pizzeria Roberta's Pops Up at Ultra Before Departing Miami
    This week, Roberta's, the popular restaurant and pizza shop based in Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood, will fire up its oven in Miami's Design District for the last time.

    Paul Oakenfold?s Credo Is Simple: ?I Want to Make People Feel Good?
    Paul Oakenfold at Ultra Music Festival 2018.

    Holy Mackerel Celebrates First Anniversary With Release of Weed Reaper Beer
    This week, Holy Mackerel Small Batch Beers will celebrate its anniversary on Saturday, March 24, with an onsite festival featuring over a dozen local breweries and the launch of a new line of beers from owner-brewer Bobby Gordash. When it opened in February 2017, Holy Mackerel ? also dubbed the Garage...

    Israel?s Foxtrot Is a Searing Study of Grief
    Even as Maoz seems to be addressing his themes head on, he?s cleverly setting up the conditions for tragedy, and when it hits, it?s somehow both shocking and inevitable

    If Miami Dolphins Want to Change Their Culture, Start by Signing Colin Kaepernick
    The Dolphins should already be on the phone with Colin Kaepernick to get him on a plane to Miami for a workout. He's the best option available to back up Ryan Tannehill.

    HistoryMiami's "Avenues of Expression" Honors Miami's Unique Street Traditions
    An espresso machine which caffeinated the masses at Sergio's for three decades, King Mango Strut parade costumes, and a wall of graffiti art by some of Miami's most recognized street artists are all part of Avenues of Expression: Street Traditions in Miami; an exhibition which encourages locals to learn about the contemporary art and traditions they encounter on the streets of Miami every day.

    Miami's Toll Roads Are Huge Scams That Must Be Eliminated
    It's time to mount a serious campaign to end tolls in Miami-Dade County. Any time the government wants to charge people money, we should be allowed to vote on it. Florida's Turnpike Enterprise and the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) are highway robbers preying on predominantly poor motorists struggling to have a roof over their heads, put food on the table, and take care of their families.

    The Best Free Events in Miami This Week
    Miami Music Week 2018 has finally arrived, and with it comes an onslaught of parties and showcases capped off by this weekend's Ultra Music Festival. It's an exhausting, show-hopping marathon for local and visiting music fans alike, but if you've outgrown the crowds or simply need a break between parties, the usual events will continue this week and provide you with worthy alternatives.

    The Women of Miami Music Week Address the #MeToo Movement
    Miami Music Week DJs Kristen Knight, Ultra Naté, and Lisa Shaw address the #MeToo movement in the electronic music world.

    Hong Sang-soo?s On the Beach at Night Alone Lays Bare the Hurt Behind Tabloid Headlines
    Knowing the real-life inspiration for On the Beach at Night Alone may help one appreciate the film?s moral trajectory a bit better

    Five Unanswered Questions About the FIU Bridge Collapse
    Bridges don't usually crumble into dust. So when a pedestrian walkway at Florida International University collapsed Thursday, killing six people and crushing eight cars, people were rightly horrified and confused. Workers had installed the bridge overnight only five days before the disaster. FIU even blasted out videos and news releases...

    Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Week: Doc B's, Dark and Stormy Daniels, and Meat Market After Dark
    This week, Doc B's opens in Coral Gables, Gramps offers the Dark and Stormy Daniels cocktail to benefit Stormy Daniels' fight against Donald Trump, Meat Market After Dark returns to Miami Beach, and El Cielo hosts a nine-course feast in Brickell.

    Miami St. Patrick's Day Survival Guide
    A sign at the Guinness brewery in Dublin says that on March 17, everyone is Irish. So no matter your nationality, feel no shame in wearing green and celebrating the luckiest day of the year. Whether you want to drink green beer, indulge in corned beef and cabbage, or find your pot of gold in the form of a rainbow cupcake, here are the best ways to celebrate St. Paddy's Day in Miami.

    Who Allowed Cars to Drive Under the FIU Bridge During "Stress Testing"? UPDATED
    It's now clear that the pedestrian bridge at Florida International University collapsed and killed six people after engineers put it through some kind of "stress testing" earlier in the day. According to Sen. Marco Rubio, the bridge's internal support cables were being "tightened" just as the bridge crumbled onto traffic below, crushing eight cars under 950 tons of concrete and steel.

    A Lara Croft This Good Deserves a Higher Class of Tomb to Raid
    Uthaug?s film, like the recent reboot of the video-game series, gives us a grittier Lara Croft, one stripped of the advantages of her wealth and all bruised up from the rigors of her adventure

    Facebook Live: Rusty Pelican's Jim Pastor Shares His Pork Belly Waffle Recipe
    The weekend is finally here, and that means making brunch plans with the squad. Sure, it's nice to go out for a lavish brunch at a lovely eatery like Rusty Pelican, but every now and then, it's a great idea to make brunch at home. This weekend, surprise your loved ones with a homemade pork belly waffle sandwich with maple mustard sauce. Rusty Pelican's eastern regional chef, Jim Pastor, will show you how.

    FemAle Brew Fest Returns to Fort Lauderdale With More Breweries
    Last year, the inaugural FemAle Brew Fest celebrated women in the beer industry. For its second installment, the festival returns to Fort Lauderdale in a larger venue holding more breweries.

    Café Roval Serves a Quiet Neighborhood Sunday Brunch
    Cafe Roval is a perfect getaway for a peaceful Sunday brunch. Unless it's raining, pick a table outside near the restaurant's coral rock pond. The menu includes a host of breakfast-style items and a few of Café Roval's staple Mediterranean plates, such as a mezze platter and a falafel salad.